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S I N G L E:
Read On


“Read On” 
Written by Benjamin and Chelsea Peck (BMI) 

Another year, another chapter 
Filled with tears or filled with laughter 
And you wake up where you are without a warning 
Thinking of what could have been 
Or maybe just this mess you're in 
But nightmares and dreams alike are over in the morning 

So read on, read on 
Keep on following along 
You don't have to give up hope to welcome change 
Greet the new day's dawn 
Let yesterday be gone 
You don't have to close the book to turn the page 

Line by line, hour by hour 
The taste of now becomes more sour 
'Cause it hurts less to just give up than it does to really care 
One more mistake, another lover 
Another book judged by its cover 
And you think you know the end before you're there 


Don't let yesterday's heartbreaks get in the way 
Don't let yesterday get in the way 
Don't let yesterday's heartbreaks get in the way 
Don't let yesterday get in the way 


Turn the Page will be available everywhere there is music ... Friday, 8.10.18!

Album Pre-Order Available NOW!

New music is almost here!

Pre Order Turn the Page.jpg
Turn the Page Panel 3.jpg
Turn the Page Poster FINAL.jpg

We are currently on our Turn the Page 2018 tour. If you would like to host us for a concert in your area, please reach out and let us know!
We would love to make it happen!

So excited to turn the page with you,
Bino & Chelsea 

Dreamers Dream Dreams

Can't Take the Dreamer.jpg

Dear friends,

We all have dreams—and those dreams are a gift. We strive to take care of them, cultivate them and bless other people with them. In moments when voices (external or internal) tell us that we cannot dream or should not dream, we need to remember that no one can take the dreamer from the dream ...

... and no one can take the dreamer out of us.

If you are a dreamer dreaming dreams this song is for you.



Song Lyrics:

Verse 1
You can tell me that I can't, that I will never be
You can lock me in a cell, and throw away the key
But I won't let you keep me down

You can't quench the fire, you can't take what makes me free
You can't take the dreamer from the dream
You can't touch desire, you can't hold what you can't see
You can't take the dreamer outta me

Verse 2
You can tell me I'm no good, that I will surely fail
You can take away my wind, and tear apart my sail
But I won't let you count me out

I'll keep chasin' what I see
This will be my victory
I know who I'm supposed to be
You can't take my hope from me

I'm Headed HOME #Tunesday

This is not the place that we call Home.jpg

This week marks a year since our grandma passed away. It is hard to BELIEVE that it has been that long already. In contemplating our loss and what death means for all of us ... we did what we do ...

... we wrote a song.

It is in our struggles that we realize that this earth is not our eternal home. Our grandma BELIEVED this. And so do we. There is ...

... HOPE.

And so this song is for all of you, who like us, need to be reminded of the hope that we are not yet HOME.



Mr & Mrs Something Back in California!

At the end of January we concluded our adventure in Costa Rica. It was a wonderful experience filled with friends, music and service. We look forward to when we can visit again!

Meanwhile in the Midwest, a few of our friends put together a tribute concert to honor Buddy Holly and we joined the evening through video. We wanted to share the cover song with you. Enjoy!

A Tribute to Buddy Holly.jpg

“That'll be the day …”

All the best, 

Mr & Mrs Something

Pura Vida #Tunesday!

Pura Vida #Tunesday.jpg

Hello again from Costa Rica!

We hope this Tunesday finds you happy and well. Here's another song we wrote last year that we translated with some help from a friend. As they say in Costa Rica–Pura Vida!

“Eres paz en aflicción.”

Con amor, 

Mr & Mrs Something

PS: This February and March, we will be traveling through California and Oregon. If you live in one of those places and are interested in hosting a house concert, please let us know!

Christmas #Tunesday 2 of 4

Christmas Tunesday 2 Of 4.jpg


December is in full swing. It has been snowing a little bit here in Seattle and we are enjoying the blessings of this season! The Christmas Lighting Festival in Leavenworth, WA is next on our concert agenda. Don't miss out on the magic of this little Bavarian town:

Friday 12/9
Saturday 12/10

Sunday 12/11
Friday 12/16
Saturday 12/17

The 2nd Christmas #tunesday video is an original tune inspired by the Magi. Have you met the King?

“So we offered up our treasures and laid them down at the child’s feet; for we had met the King.”


Mr & Mrs Something

Christmas #Tunesday 1 of 4

Reindeer Bino.jpg

Is That a One-Antlered Reindeer?

Just because it's still November doesn't mean we can't start celebrating Christmas—at least that's what this reindeer thinks! Starting tomorrow, we have a handful of performances where you might be able to catch this guy and his other half! ;)

Wednesday 11/30 - Victorian Country Christmas, Puyallup
Sunday 12/4 - Calvary Christian Assembly, Seattle
Friday 12/9 - Christmas Lighting Festival, Leavenworth
Saturday 12/10 - Christmas Lighting Festival, Leavenworth
Sunday 12/11 - Christmas Lighting Festival, Leavenworth
Friday 12/16 - Christmas Lighting Festival, Leavenworth
Saturday 12/17 - Christmas Lighting Festival, Leavenworth
Sunday 12/25 - Bread of Life Mission, Seattle

The 1st Christmas #Tunesday video is a little ditty by Chuck Berry called "Run, Run, Rudolph." Enjoy!

Run, run, Rudolph! 

Randolph ain't too far behind!”

Who's Randolph? Maybe the one-antlered reindeer can ask Rudolph when he sees him next!


Mr & Mrs Something

#Tunesday Thanksgiving


Read On.

This week is full of giving thanks—for life, for beautiful creation, for music, for a roof over our head and for food to eat. The list could go on.

And then there's YOU. Yes, you. Family, friends who day in and day out support us and our musical endeavors. Thank you for being wonderful.

As we all give thanks today, we'd like to take this opportunity to sing you a brand new song and share an exciting update. Enjoy!

“You don't have to close the book to turn the page.”

All Our Love, 

Mr & Mrs Something