Turn the Page CD

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Turn the Page CD


Mr & Mrs Something’s second full-length installment, exploring themes of life, loss, hope, and turning the page.

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Dear Listener,

Turn the Page was born out of life ...  and death. We did not simply sit down and write this album—we lived it. The passion, pain, perseverance, and love behind these songs are as real as the life events we have experienced. Through a season of loss, hardship, and growth, we have encountered challenges in our identities, our marriage, our families, our friendships, our music, and our travels.

In all this, we couldn't help but notice similarities between life and books. As in books, our circumstances tell a story, and like books, we often find ourselves broken, torn, and perhaps even judged by our “cover.” Like books, we are bound—bound together in life as humans, bound to our own habits, and bound to our choices. But what we are bound to does not determine what we are bound toward. We can keep moving forward in hope. Like reading a good book, our lives are not meant to stay on one page.

As we work through our struggles, we are continually thankful for the way we emerge stronger—stronger in who we are, stronger in our marriage, and stronger in the way we love those around us. Struggles also remind us how weak we are, how little we know, and how desperately we need the grace we are given.

Thank you for joining us in this story. Thank you for letting us join your story. As you listen, we hope these songs remind you that the chapter you are living now will not last forever. Take heart, and remember to turn the page.


Mr & Mrs Something