Some Big News


Hello Beautiful People!

As most of you know, we won a Seattle radio contest back in September of 2013. The reason you know this is because you are the ones who made us the winners! As a result, we were the delighted recipients of a number of great prizes, not the least of which was a series of mentoring sessions with an industry professional named John. Getting to know John and gleaning his wisdom has been a priceless experience that has ultimately become a great friendship.

Jump ahead a couple months …

  • John invited us to attend an artist and songwriter retreat.

  • The retreat was incredible! We were blown away by the hospitality, insightful instruction, awesome co-writing sessions and access to a top-of-the-line studio (a slight upgrade from our closet, where we recorded The Closure Soundtrack and The Nativity EP)! We were surrounded by extremely talented artists and songwriters, industry experts, beautiful scenery, delicious food, and, above all, new friends.

  • Through the friendships we made at the retreat, we were introduced to Mitch Dane, an amazing producer in Nashville.
  • To put it simply, Mitch wants to work with us—and we want to work with Mitch. :)

So what’s next?

We’re going to Nashville to record!!!

In May, we’ll join Mitch in his studio and record an EP of five original songs. We’re currently writing songs and working with Mitch to plan and prepare. We are beyond grateful for this opportunity that your support has provided!

We cannot thank you enough. Thank YOU! Please pass on our thanks to your friends and family members who voted for us.


With much love,

Benjamin “Bino” & Chelsea Peck


Mr. & Mrs. Something