You've Got a Friend

We love today! Today is an extremely special day. Why? Today, May 26th, marks the fourth anniversary since we said, "I do"! Woohoo!! We are incredibly grateful for the journey of life, love and music that we are experiencing together.


As we reflect on our own marriage, we begin a season of weddings. We will have the joy and privilege of being "the music" for a ton of weddings this summer. As we witness husbands and wives committing their lives to each other with their family and friends alongside in support, we can't help but be encouraged in our own marriage and friendships.

With that in mind, here's a "thank you" for the friendship we share with you. Since we often sing what we mean better than we say it, here is a song for you ... and Woody the cowboy ...


We've Got Friends in You

After we shared with you about the death of Chelsea's dear grandma, many of you have gone above and beyond with your kind words, prayers, hugs, flowers, meals, letters, emails and more. Thank you so much for your love and support during this hard time .. and during easy times. We truly appreciate your friendship.

Coming Up ...

We are currently putting together a number of house concerts and are looking to expand our geographical radius. Interested in hosting us for a concert at your house? Church? Bar? Coffee shop? Work place? Talk to us and let's make it happen!


Your Friends,
Bino & Chelsea