The Somethings in Nashville


Hi Y’all!

Please pardon our Southern drawl in this post as we’re just wrapping up a two-week visit to Nashville. It’s been everything we’d hoped for and more!

Drums at Sputnik Sound

As announced earlier, we came here to record an EP with Mitch Dane at Sputnik Sound. Mitch is incredible! He has not only added his creative genius to our music, but has also become a dear friend.

Although we expected to leave Nashville with a five-song EP, Mitch felt like we had enough material and time to make something more. We ended up recording a ten-song album! It demonstrates a wide variety of old and new, full band and simple duo, upbeat and mellow songs. We are not only excited to have created our first full-length album, but we are also proud that it embodies an accurate snapshot of who we are.

We are extremely grateful for the opportunities we’ve had here to record this album, make new friends and reconnect with old friends. To see more of our trip, check out our InstagramFacebook and/or Twitter for some fun, short videos of our time here.

Thank you all for your continued care and support of us and our music. Although we don’t have a release date yet, we can hardly wait to repay your loyalty with this new album! Stay tuned for more updates. :)

Mr & Mrs Something