Wonder where we got our name? Our family, silly! Long before we were Mr & Mrs, Mr Something performed with his older brother, Jerome, in The Something Bros. Amidst playing a series of solo acoustic concerts, he invited Bino to accompany him for one show in hopes of adding some additional flavor. Enamored with the newfound chemistry of sound and brotherhood, he told Bino he never wanted to perform without him again.

The new brother duo continued to play concerts together and recorded a full-length album in 2009, Life Like A Perfect Child. The album spices multiple pallets in a genre-hopping journey that, somehow, stays cohesive with a flow that echoes memories of pure folk while dangling fresh articulation and perspective in a lyrical collage that teases the brain and massages the heart. From ballads to bluegrass, rainy day dire to summertime ease, there is a sense of inspired, light-hearted introspection that comes forth in a beautiful way. Track 4, “Goin' Crazy," even features the other Something brother, Joe, on vocals. Entirely self-recorded, self-produced and self-engineered, Life Like A Perfect Child became exactly what The Something Bros. wanted it to be and more.

While Jerome and Bino have geographically parted ways and the music collaboration has taken a back seat to other aspirations, their partnership endures and is reignited each time they break out the guitars in family gatherings. They hope to feature Mrs Something in future recordings as the Something family continues to do what they do best: make music together.

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