Home Will Be (Download)


Home Will Be (Download)


The song that started it all ...

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While most of our songs come directly from our personal feelings, thoughts and life experiences, no song has been nearly as intimately intertwined with our lives as “Home Will Be.”

It all started with a couple of harmonicas. Mr. Something and I (before I was his Mrs.) were walking through downtown Los Angeles, and I started playing a harmonica lick I had recently made up. Mr. Something was impressed because I had just received the harmonica for Christmas a few weeks before. He proceeded to harmonize using his harmonica. Little did I know that he was committing that lick to memory and planned to write a song with it.

On my birthday, after skateboarding by the beach, Mr. performed the song for me, but without the harmonicas. After he finished singing—and wiping the tears from my eyes—he pulled out my harmonica and asked me to play along. Then I realized the song was written around my harmonica lick, and we played it together. At that moment, “Home Will Be” was born: our first song.

As you probably figured out from the lyrics, there’s more to the story than a cute song with harmonicas. Surprised as you may be, I wasn’t quite ready to commit to a relationship with Mr. Something. You might say I was “standing at the edge.” I knew that I loved him, but I was torn. He communicated with this song that he loved me enough to let me go.

After some time of “taking it oh so slow, because [we] like it just like that,” Mr. Something planned a special date for me. He picked me up and before getting on the freeway, he handed me a blindfold to wear. I hesitantly put it on, remembering that the last time he gave me a blindfold, I ended up at Disneyland. However, as we got closer to our destination, he handed me earplugs, which I finally put in with much more reluctance.

As I was completely disoriented, Mr. gave me a piggy-back ride up and down several flights of stairs. He then told to me stand and wait by myself, God knows where, and said he'd be right back. Moments later, he returned and told me to remove my blindfold and earplugs after counting to 30.

With my sight and hearing restored, I found myself standing on the porch of my grandmother's floating houseboat. Beyond the porch I saw the dock and my dad's sailboat both lined with Christmas lights, rose petals, candles and our skateboards lying across one another. Mr. Something was standing next to an old cooler on the dock, playing the guitar.

He started singing “Home Will Be” and I realized what was coming. When he reached the final chorus, I noticed that Mr. had changed the words. He bent down on one knee, lifted the lid off the old cooler to reveal a ring, and sang “my dear, my best friend, my Chelsea, will you marry me?"

I said, “YES!" (Of course! Who wouldn’t?!)!

After celebrating with each other, Mr. Something called out, “We gotta tell our families. We gotta celebrate!" Little did I know that these lines were a verbal cue for my dad to press play on “Celebration" by Kool and the Gang (“Celebrate good times, come on!"). My family and close friends then piled out of the sailboat and congratulated the newly engaged couple, welcoming Mr. Something into the family.

A few months later, at our wedding reception, instead of having a first dance as husband and wife, we decided to perform a “first jam." What could be more appropriate to play but, “Home Will Be”? Our friends and family cheered us on as we changed the last line to say, “Home is now right here in your arms.”

As we continue in this endeavor of life together, it’s not always perfect and it’s not always pretty. But since being home in each other’s company, “I can’t tell you since, how nice the water’s been.”

- Mrs. Something

Mr. & Mrs. Something is Benjamin “Bino” and Chelsea Peck

Vocals, guitar and harmonicas performed by Mr. & Mrs. Something

“Home Will Be” was written by Benjamin and Chelsea Peck

Produced by Mr. & Mrs. Something

Recorded by Mr. & Mrs. Something in Monrovia, CA

Mixed and mastered by Jerome Peck at Brotown Records in Oceanside, CA

Album Artwork by Peter Orr with Porr Vision Art Direction

Photo taken by Bryan Tucker

Special thanks to: Mrs. Something’s three amigas for encouraging Bino to write Chelsea a song and for all their help with the proposal; Uncle Clark and Aunt Julie for buying Chelsea her first harmonica; the members of Paradise City for letting us record in the apartment; to our loving brother Jerome for sharing his ear with us; to our families for welcoming both of us in; and finally to Mrs. Something, for not leaving but for letting home be.