Mr & Mrs Soundtrack

One of our favorite hats we've had the honor of wearing since becoming Mr & Mrs Something is that of film musicians. We've composed and produced soundtracks for a variety of film projects, ranging from the emotional roller coaster of an adoptee's search for her birth parents to the educational adventures of a historical documentary and the fun behind-the-scenes stories of local craft breweries. Watch the videos below to experience a taste of our soundtracks in action.


CLOSURE documents the gripping tale of a 26-year-old adoptee's lifelong search for her birth family. Go to for more information about this film and for more information about this filmmaker. Click here to hear all of The Closure Soundtrack.


Hopstories is a series of short videos that goes beyond the first sip and tells the story behind the beer, featuring local craft breweries in the Pacific Northwest. Go to for more information about these films and to find out more about this filmmaker.

Or Perish In the Attempt

Most United States residents know at least something about the Lewis & Clark expedition. Or Perish In the Attempt tells the story in a whole new way by shedding light on the medical side of the story.